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The Kitimat Humane Society Takes Over Tamitik Canteen

March 19, 2023

The Kitimat Humane Society has recently taken over the contract for the concession stand at the Tamitik Arena, and it is exciting news for animal lovers in the community. The shelter, which is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals in need, has decided to use the funds raised from the concession stand to support their operations and care for the animals.

By taking over the contract, the Kitimat Humane Society has not only found a new source of revenue, but they have also established a presence at one of the most popular gathering spots in the town. The concession stand, which will be run by dedicated volunteers, will sell all kinds of snacks, from hot dogs to cotton candy, popcorn, and more.

The shelter’s decision to run the concession stand is a brilliant way to generate funds for their operations, which are crucial for the well-being of the animals in their care. The money raised will help the shelter provide the animals with food, shelter, medical care, and any other necessities that they require. As the shelter is a non-profit organization, it relies heavily on donations, sponsorships, and fundraising activities to keep its operations going.

Moreover, the Kitimat Humane Society’s involvement in the Tamitik Arena concession stand means that animal lovers in the community can also contribute to the shelter’s mission. By purchasing snacks and drinks from the stand, people are directly supporting the organization’s efforts to rescue and care for animals in need. Not only are they getting a tasty treat, but they are also making a positive impact in the lives of animals that need it most.

The shelter’s concession stand will be open for all major events at the arena, including hockey games and skating shows. This means that the shelter will have a consistent source of revenue throughout the year, as these events draw a significant number of people. The shelter’s volunteers will be working hard to ensure that the concession stand is well-stocked, and that customers are happy with the service.

As the shelter’s funds and volunteer base grow, the Kitimat Humane Society plans to expand the menu and offer a wider range of snacks and drinks. This is an exciting prospect, as it means that the concession stand can continue to evolve and attract even more customers over time.

The Kitimat Humane Society’s decision to take over the concession stand at the Tamitik Arena is a win-win situation for the shelter and the community. By selling snacks and drinks, the shelter can raise funds to support its operations and care for animals in need. At the same time, the community can support the shelter’s mission by purchasing snacks and drinks at the concession stand. This is an excellent example of how a non-profit organization can create a sustainable source of revenue while also engaging with the community and raising awareness about their cause.