Surrendering an animal

Surrendering an animal to the Shelter

Sometimes life changes, and your furry friend can no longer fit within your life. This is a hard choice that you and your family have to make. There is no shame in not being able to keep an animal. There is shame in dumping them in the forest to die.

The Kitimat Community Humane Society will always keep your information confidential. We will take your animal care for them and try to re-home them, but we need some information first.

During Business Hours

This is the preferred method.

  1. Please call us first, sometimes we get busy and it may be hard for us to give you and your animal the attention you deserve because we are working with other animals.
  2. Arrange a time to come in to surrender your animal.
  3. Download and fill out the form below that gives us a brief history about the animal you are surrendering. Your identity is required in case there is an emergency situation with the animal and we need more information. This is kept confidential.
  4. Come in with the animal, we will make sure to take good care of it.

After Business Hours

Sometimes you may not be able to make it in during our business hours. We understand. If you will be leaving an animal at the door after hours, please do the following

  • Ensure the animal is well fed and has food and water.
  • Ensure the animal has blankets to keep warm
  • Ensure the animal will not be in any kind of danger, please put it in a kennel.
  • Please fill out this form, there will be extras at the door.
  • If possible, please call our after hours number to let us know an animal has been dropped off.
  • Please do not leave animals during extreme weather. Contact us, we can arrange a pick up.

We want to make sure this animal is as safe as possible, please do what you can to ensure that.