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Pet Safety During Halloween

September 10, 2020

Halloween can be an enjoyable time for kids and adults alike but can be a frighting experience for your four-legged friends. Little ghosts, witches and goblins will come knocking on your door. This will make your dog go into protection mode. Loud fireworks and other unfamiliar sounds will also spook your dog. We want to make sure we keep our furry friends safe and happy during Halloween.

Keep Halloween candy away from your pet! We may love to indulge and sneak a Halloween treat from the bowl from time to time, but you must make sure your pet does not indulge with you. A good portion of Halloween treats contain chocolate, and this can be fatal for your pet. The component theobromine is toxic to dogs and can cause diarrhea, vomiting, rapid breathing, increased heart rate and seizures. If your dog does get into some chocolate, the best course of action is to induce vomiting and call your preferred vet.

Chocolate isn’t the only danger in those Halloween treats. Raisins can cause death in dogs, and certain nuts are toxic as well if ingested. Also, just like us, sweet candy can cause health issues like being overweight, and pancreatitis.

Do not leave your pets outside during Halloween. Unfortunately, there are people out there that like to prank animals on Halloween. They want to tease your animals, steal them or even kill them. This is especially true for black cats.

Shelter them and make them comfortable. Halloween tends to bring lots of fireworks. The district of Kitimat allows fireworks during Halloween, so make sure your pets will be relaxed during the loud sounds. Put them in a quiet room where they can hide, put the TV or some music on to help cover the noise.

Keep an eye on pumpkins, candles and electrical cords. With all the chaos going on, your pet may accidentally knock down your pumpkin. Make sure never to leave it unattended and to have a fire extinguisher nearby. Keep cords up high, during high-stress situations your pet may get tangled in them, or chew them.

Halloween can be a fun time for everyone if appropriately celebrated!