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Foster Application

Fostering gives an animal comfort before their forever home.

The purpose of foster care is to allow a pet to live in a home environment while awaiting permanent placement, allowing the foster family to evaluate the pet and to work with the pet to help a transition them back into a home environment. A home environment is less stressful on the pet and allows them to be treated as one of the family member through going for walks outings and family time this often speeds up the adoption process and also gives us more information on that pets needs and type of home we need to place them in for a successful lifetime adoption.

The foster families are so important in the welfare and proper placement of our pets, and we want the experience of fostering to be enjoyable and free from any misunderstandings.

Terms and Conditions of Fostering

Foster families will follow all procedures and guidelines of The Kitimat Humane Society regarding the pet being placed in your foster home and will not make decisions or take actions regarding the pet’s veterinary care or placement without prior approval from The Kitimat Humane Society.

The Veterinarians that are working with The Kitimat Humane Society will bill us directly for approved medical services provide to any of our foster pets. In the event the foster family pays for pre-approved veterinary care, The Kitimat Humane Society will reimburse the foster family.

The foster family will provide the pet with the necessary exercise and will not keep the pet chained, and are not to be kept as outside only pets.

The foster family agrees to provide the pet with adequate food, water, shelter, affection, socialization, exercise, medical assistance and strive to increase the adoptability of the pet.

If the pet cannot be kept by the foster family, the foster family is to contact The Kitimat Humane Society immediately. The pet shall not be sold, abandoned, relinquished to another person, shelter or rescue, they are to be returned to The Kitimat Humane Society.

The foster family understands that The Kitimat Humane Society and its representatives have limited information regarding the temperament of the pet or its habits. The foster family will take all reasonable precautions (through the use of crates, leashes, and supervision) to ensure the pet does not run loose, become a nuisance, destroy property, injure or be injured by another animal or injure or be injured by any person

The pet is and shall remain the property of The Kitimat Humane Society and may be removed by The Kitimat Humane Society from the foster family at any time and without prior notice.

I the event the foster family wishes to permanently adopt the pet, a Kitimat Humane Society adoption application must be submitted along with the requested adoption fee
Foster Application

Please e-mail the landlord letter of approval to